Steadplan Lands a Kraker Deal

Steadplan Lands a Kraker Deal

Steadplan Ltd and Kraker Trailers Join Forces

It’s an exciting time for Northwest based truck and trailer dealership Steadplan Ltd, as they announce a new joint venture with moving floor trailer manufacturer Kraker. The Netherlands based trailer manufacturer who have an outstanding reputation in the production of moving floor trailers and market leader across many borders, have seen the potential in distributing their moving floor trailers through Leeds based company Steadplan Ltd. As a trailer dealer for over 10 years, Steadplan Ltd are well equipped to successfully offer Kraker moving floor trailers through all 3 dealerships as official UK partner of Kraker Trailers.

Owner of Steadplan, James Smith ‘we were very keen to be able to offer Kraker moving floor trailers to the UK customer, as a dealer we were looking for a manufacturer with big potential in today’s market, we found the Kraker trailers to be of extremely high quality, strong brand values and competitively priced, another positive for us are the lead times Kraker able to offer in comparison to some of its competitors’. Steadplan Leeds will shortly have stock trailers available and encourage all trailer operators, new and existing to come and judge for themselves.

Steadplan will be resourced to offer the customer everything from their desired trailer, to individual manufacturer made parts and annual inspections, giving every Kraker owner safety and security with their unique 5-year guarantee.

About Kraker Trailers

Located in the Netherlands Kraker Trailers are recognised throughout Europe as ‘Masters in Moving Floor Trailers’. By combining skill, use of high-quality material and components as well as very strict quality control Kraker trailers confidently offer the end user a 5-year guarantee, unlike any other trailer manufacturer in Europe.


Kraker’s K-Force production is simply revolutionary and can be summed up by the following statements, a long life span due to the techniques and materials used, a high residual value and modular construction allowing for quick and simple parts replacement. Because of the smart production process, the K-Force is produced quickly and can be delivered from stock.
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