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Because Kraker Trailers believe that only the best is good enough. And deliver on their promise, with each trailer leaving the factory.

Steadplan were announced as the official UK partner for Kraker trailers in 2017, after 11 years experience with the Moving Floor product the partnership brings an exciting alternative to the UK customer. With an already established service network covering the entirety of the UK we are confident we can cater for every type of Moving Floor customer throughout the lifetime of the trailer.

From the lightest work to recycling and waste there is a Kraker trailer perfect for you.


K-Force moving floor trailers are among the best when it comes to reliable quality for a realistic price, even more so if you look at the ‘total cost of ownership’ and our five years warranty.



Kraker’s CF-200 is built according to customer specifications. The sizes vary from 60m3 to 102m3 All imaginable options are possible on this type of trailer, such as a hydraulic roof or a hydraulic tailboard.

5 years guarantee

A guarantee of up to 5 years on paint and construction by means of our warranty procedure.

By combining skill, use of high-quality material and components as well as a very strict quality control, Kraker Trailers is able to give you, the end user, a guarantee of up to 5 years on construction and paint.

Kraker Trailers is committed to supplying top quality vehicles. This quality is also reflected in the support that Kraker Trailers offers you while you are using your vehicle. Together with you we are able to keep your trailer in top condition. Since early 2008, each vehicle is supplied with a guarantee certificate. When your trailer is sold within this 5 year period, the certificate will remain valid, subject to conditions. In this way you are always guaranteed of an optimum trade-in price.

By means of an annual test (performed by a professional service point recognized by Kraker Trailers) we will keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance status on your guarantee certificate. Any aspects of your vehicle that require special attention, will be discussed with you and/or repaired as a precautionary measure, i.e. before you are confronted with a worn part leading to unnecessary repair costs or even standstill time. The result: maximum operational security with minimum maintenance costs.

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